Jason knew from the moment he was handed two drumsticks to hold as a toddler that he wanted to be a drummer. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Jason was surrounded by music as a child. He learned to play notes and read music from his dad, a professional musician. When he was nine, he began private lessons with a master jazz drummer, David Lazorcik, on the recommendation of a teacher. By 12, Jason was playing professionally, but was too young for bar gigs, so bands usually couldn’t hire him. A few years later, he attended Berklee College of Music’s Summer Performance Program, studying with some of the world’s top instructors and jamming with elite musicians his own age. For the next seven years he recorded and performed, returning to Berklee in 1999, where he also studied guitar and songwriting. He then came to Los Angeles, and decided to stay, playing professionally, teaching, and constantly practicing. Discovering he was a born teacher as well as a born musician, Jason opened the Drumming Uncut studio in Alhambra to share his passion for the drums with aspiring drummers of all ages.